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The crepe needs tacking down at the collar it's pulled away from the lining. Professionally design your mosaic patterns images and make them a great piece of art to create a remembrance for lifetime. The nude china silk lining is still attached but is quite fragile torn at seams, and large stain at hemline , so you will want to remove and wear your own slip under.

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Shop prom dresses, formal gowns, cocktail and eveningwear at seebot.ga We are one of the best prom dress websites offering short and long prom, mother of the bride dresses and mother of the groom dresses, homecoming, bridesmaids and graduation dresses.
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The little black dress is back at seebot.ga Shop our latest selection of strappy, skater, long-sleeve and sleeveless little black dresses!

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Who knows, but it's a simple fix. You will want to purchase a Renaissance hip roll underpinning and a huge slip for the gown to look like this they are not expensive online. Since it's quite a small size, if you are planning to wear this, you may need to increase the size so you can use the extra laces and trim to do what is needed.

Definitely wearable for a wedding gown!! Extra Shipping Charges apply. Another pretty and different Gibson Girl era white lawn dress! This one has a surprising almost sexy "off the shoulder" look with the wide boat neck off the very high, very lacy neck. The detailing of the embroidery, Val lace and drawnwork is of a beautiful design throughout. I show it with and without a pink sash but it doesn't come with it..

You can just buy a simple colored ribbon to tie in front or back. Shown over a petticoat that doesn't some with it either. Too short anyway, but shows you if you use a nude or colored slip that you will see the detailing of the lace more! Also Listed in the s Category. From a Los Angeles Times newspaper article: They specialized in cocktail party and evening wear. If you are planning a "maiden" wedding, you can't find a better gown.

Looks sensational on I know, I tried it! If you plan to wear off the shoulder, not as great for people like me with narrow shoulders. Light cotton lining for comfort! The only issue I could find is a problem with one end of the ribbon sash you can easily just get a new ribbon sash, or cut shorter by 12" ish - I left as is for you to see the correct original length. The dress itself was likely never worn Also Listed in the Today Category. These white cotton or linen dresses of the Edwardian era were called lawn dresses, or lingerie dresses, or "whites" Usually pink or light blue were the most popular, but you can make a statement with black, nude or just about any other color under you would like!

This dress is one of those easily wearable ones Tiny crochet buttons up the back. Excellent condition with just a slight "messiness" at back waist see photo. Headpiece, Veil, Shoes, Underpants! Julia Louis-Dreyfus was originally cast as Alison, but backed out to spend time with her family. I just thought that was interesting. But now back to the gown. Meant to be worn off the shoulder or just off the shoulder is this lovely white applique covered organdy gown with puffy sleeves.

Seems appropriate for a Howard Stern piece! I'm not a fan Excellent condition for all pieces!! Elastic shoulders to wear off-shoulder. This isn't a high quality couture gown There are very tiny spots under and on lace, and a tiny bit of dirt along the hemline, but still great condition. The price reflects the movie memorabilia connection!!! Also Listed in the Memorabilia Category. I know Priscilla of Boston gowns were quite expensive when new.

I know that from my own experience I know there are a few Priscilla gowns that I don't like, but most I do!

Especially if you love that "Audrey" s shape you know, the classic ballerina length wedding dress she wore in Funny Face. Very fitted satin bodice with sweet lace appliques, small cap sleeves, wide rounded neckline, "v" waistline at front, very full hips to full sheer organdy skirt with satin ribbons, millions of tiny buttons up the back OK, maybe not millions, but 47!

The only issues to mention at all is that some of the appliques are slightly darkened I'm showing the gown without extra crinolines, but certainly it can be even poufier if you wish The other lovely thing is you will see the little light blue ribbon inside the gown Here's what was written about Priscilla of Boston gowns in the s: National popularity grew to such heights that everyone wanted to be a Priscilla bride.

Priscilla's international distinction was clearly established in when she was chosen to design the exquisite bridesmaid gowns for the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

From the extremely high-end famous boutique, "Les Habitudes" in Los Angeles, specializing in bridal and evening wear with an emphasis on gowns with romantic period influences. Dressing Hollywood's elite since The best news, is you can easily wear your wedding gown again And the skirt can be worn as an evening gown, or even much more casual with a white sweater!

Whatever you can imagine! Sheer long scarf can be worn as a shawl or scarf. I have no idea who the "artist" was who embellished this vintage nylon white slip, but my hats off to them! I wish I was talented enough to come up with this myself. I'm only talented enough to recognize talent! Is that a talent??

Anyway, this is a great piece for yourself, or to buy as a gift I'm assuming this is just some iron-on transfer thing, but again, it was expertly applied, and designed beautifully. The slip is marked size 34D and that seems correct. The mannequin has a 35" bust, and it's fine on her, so there's a bit of extra room, perhaps up to a 36" bust, up to 31" waist, up to 39" hips, 30" long from shoulder to hem depending on the straps. I can't tell you how to clean this, but I'm sure if you asked someone who knows about transfers, they will know.

I'm assuming best to handwash. As far as I know Also Listed in the Lingerie Category. This could so easily be a Jackie Kennedy gown you might see in the Smithsonian! Fitted bodice with classic pleated front bell-shaped skirt and front bow tie.

Would make a beautiful wedding gown especially for an early s "Camelot" wedding theme!! There are two minor issues. The gown was dry-cleaned but slight underarm rings still remain. However, if you are wearing a bolero like this, these are, of course, never seen! Information and photos coming! I bought this gown some years ago from a large Nolan Miller auction.

Embroidered openwork lace organdy of bows and flowers skim over the body and then flares out at knee. Satin band around bustline and bow at back. Most of these gowns also come with matching long gloves which are very long and tight Well worth that, but you luck out and can buy for less.

The skirt has 4-layers!! Would make a wonderful wedding gown, or just a formal gown. Also Listed in the Today Section. Direct to you from a museum deaccession - still has the typed collection tag attached.

So if you want items good enough for a museum Lovely thin silk crepe 2-piece gown with draping at bodice and skirt. Hooks and eyes under the bodice draping.

The slightly puffy sleeves are actually different material of just a china silk. Cotton lined so it's still in great condition with just a few minor issues. There is one small spot on back that can be tacked to be hidden in the folds.

The crepe needs tacking down at the collar it's pulled away from the lining. There are a few spots on the silk ribbons replace or cover , and one small rip at the skirt side caught on something The gown is really strong and in amazing condition for this age!

This gown will actually fit a human today if you are small enough in other words, the 12" back measurement is acceptable - not that ultra narrow antique back width - it fits my back. I say "perhaps" because someone let out the hem at back to make a bit of a train. You could hem back up for no train - and you might want to because there is a dirt line at that hemline see photos.

Oh, I added the silk purple flowers at the waist I just thought it looked nice. The most incredible white silk satin ballgown delicately covered in pink, light blue, gold, copper, white, silver and clear sead beads in a floral vine design.

Fantasy gown shape with flattering "v" dropped waistline, large puffed sleeves, "v" neckline, and openfront skirt. Think Cinderella's ballgown, or a Princess Renaissance gown All you need is a tall crowned hat and wand! This is NOT a cheap knock-off of a gown. What popped up is a bit of an interesting fashion history lesson.

Seems when Vera Wang was looking for a new career in , she opened a bridal salon carrying the best of the best of wedding gowns. The high-class salon carried her own designs as well as special gowns by other top designers such as Carolina Herrera, Victor Edelstein, Scaasi and Aurelie Marciano!

In a New York Times article from Sept 5, , it reads: The idea is to have merchandise you can't find elsewhere. Again these are prices!!! Excellent condition with only one flaw You can try to see if a cleaner can get it out, or pinch a little of the puff and tack so it disappears, or cover with a bead or two or bow. Otherwise, the gown is near Mint condition with even all the beading intact! Shown with an extra crinoline under doesn't come with it. I doubt you will ever find another gown that even comes close if this is the style you are seeking.

Also listed in the Today Category. I found this elegant ecru silk satin Edwardian wedding gown with terrific handmade lace yoke and neck, dramatic fringed lace panels at bustline, and silk fringe all over the edges of the gown front and back!

So for those of you who love Armani, you will love the gown alone. However, for those of you like me who can't resist a little "Bob Mackie flash" I pinned on a silver beaded ornamental piece with beaded fringe! This piece just looks so great on this gown, I just had to offer it with the gown. So let's start with just the gown.

Please look at the close-up photos to see the detailing! It's subtle, but great! The gown is in Excellent condition on the exterior! The only thing I could find wrong was a small water stain on the hemline. However, just like most Edwardian gowns, the lining is shredding and will need to be replaced if you want to wear. Though it would take a pretty small gal to wear! Gown with Beaded Piece. The "BEE" design is the symbol of the Bonaparte reign! Napoleon Bonaparte had 3 sisters.

All three OK, the actresses who played the three sisters, not the actual sisters You can see the gowns behind the robe train in the left photo below. I've already sold the gown worn on the sister at the right As you can see, there would have been a red strap robe attached to each gown worn around the empire waistline.

So you can see the costume designer duplicated the gowns quite faithfully! An exceptional ivory satin embroidered trained gowns in the Regency or Jane Austen style that so many brides love, so this could easily be your wedding gown!!

However, this is a vintage Hollywood movie memorabilia gown, so it will have "costume" detailing This heavy satin gown with Bee motif measures: The gown snaps up the back with large snaps a few need re-sewing I'd do it, but you don't want me to!

The gown is in Excellent condition with a few minor exceptions. One or two tiny spots that can be easily covered with sequins or appliques, a few rhinestones and sequins missing hardly worth mentioning , and the only real issue is that the wrist strap at the back of the gown to hold the train as you dance has pulled a small hole in the fabric at mid back seam.

Again, a simple applique, bow, or anything else will cover in seconds. Also Listed in the Memorabilia and 's Categories. I was offered this gown to sell, and when it arrived it was a very dull tea color with discolorations. It might have worked under dull lighting, but the discolorations were just making be upset I'm all thumbs, so it was scary.

However, this was a cotton lace, and I knew it was gonna hold up under my possible mistakes. It looks as new as it did in the 's. I am a happy camper! I doubt I will ever do this again, as I doubt I'll ever get a lace this strong.

Now if only I could turn back time on my body!! The gown is lovely with a small train in back, nice seaming, great split fluttery cap sleeves, and hugs the body with the bias cut.

LOW square back with snaps at waist. If you are like me and need to wear a bra, you can add a satin ribbon or something across the back at bra level. Will still look great. You obviously need to wear a slip under.

I just grabbed a black one to see the detail, but the look will change depending what color you wear under! Dramatic black, romantic light blue, wedding white, skin colored nude, Edwardian pink, whatever!

Tiara by Andrew Prince! I have the next best thing. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. The tiaras were made for each specific character depending on their status, wealth and age. Very substantial construction, very sparkly, brilliant cut Swarovski crystals. The band is graduated You can wear it either way wide end on the right or on the left. There is a thin brown velvet lining one side which blends in with your hair.

Makes me So happy to offer this to you! I sincerely doubt I will find any other tiaras worn on the show as this was told this was the last piece from the same place I found the other I have been looking high and low. The fact that I found these two is just Excellent condition like new! Also Listed in the Wedding Category. I purchased a few gowns from the legionary Leona Helmsley - "Queen of the Mean" as she was known.

Ah, that's the life, eh?? This gown was quite different from the rest Black silk velvet bodice with low neckline and silver beading faux corseting at front. Ivory silk chiffon full sleeves and 3 layers of chiffon skirt. The photos will explain everything.

Lined in silk under. Leona wouldn't have worn anything that wasn't special.. Great for an interestingly different wedding gown as well! They are in great condition although missing a button on each boot. Love the scalloped top of these boots that match the scalloped buttonhole tabs. In great condition, thought they were worn.

Also listed in the Hats, and 's sections. In nearly mint condition Lace insets on both stockings on front. I love the fact that the Victorian women wore such elaborate and often colorful stockings even though they were NOT to be seen!

Ah, the good ole days! SOLD - c. I nearly fell off my chair when photos of this gown were send to me!!! It was SO spectacular that I was afraid that when it arrived in the mail that it wasn't going to be an actual s gown As fantastic as any gown you would have seen on the silver screen movie stars of the era. Ragan and Miss Emily Guelton in , and headquartered in a mansion that still stands currently a bridal shop.

In the 20's and 30's "Customers were required to make appointments in advance and when they arrived sent their cards via a parlor maid. They were shown to rosewood sofas and chairs in the beautifully appointed rooms with the elaborate cornices, tall pier glasses, mantelpieces and glittering crystal chandeliers.

I even found Mrs. Probably returning from France with her imported gowns!! Both women passed away in the late 's, early 's and the shop continued under other proprietors in the same tradition, with the same painstaking attention to detail. I doubt this was originally a wedding gown, but it it certainly could be, so it's included in this wedding section for those of you who have been WAITING for the gown that was going to WOW!!

Can't get much more WOW than this!!!! There are minor spots mostly at the hemline, and a few minor ones here and there, but in the evening light you should be wearing this gown, they will hardly be an issue. Measures up to a 29" waist tight, but can squeeze into that though the inner waistband is 26" you don't need to use that , up to 37" hips.

Bust is hard to measure as the back is open Yes, the price is high Also Listed in the Museum and s-Today Categories. Many headpieces of this type were improperly stored and suffered from the heat of the attic. This gorgeous floral ring looks like a crown when set on top of the head. It has a stem of 3 wax flowers with a pearlized "bud" at the tip.

Generally a veil was attached to your hair and this ring was placed on top. The strong ring itself measures 5. There may be a petal missing but it is mainly all intact an Excellent. The color is an antique white with a pearlized finish. It will look a lot better on you as you probably don't have plastic molded hair! When I say "larger size" for antique dresses or gowns, that means large enough for a human female of today to wear it!

It doesn't mean that I'll calling us "fat" or "large" Anyway, now that you aren't offended I always look for antique gorgeous pieces that you can actually wear So if you want to wear for your wedding, wear it down the aisle and for photos, and then change to another dress for the reception so you can "move".

Some of these Edwardian whites are all lace, some are embroidered on cotton or gauze, and some like this one are embroidered on a very fine cotton muslin which is a loosely woven cotton. Love the open work lace on short sleeves and neckline. Very airy with pretty embroidered flowers.

I added the pink satin at waist doesn't come with it , just buy a ribbon of your color choice, or white if you prefer. As you see, you will need to wear a slip under. These are so easy to make, you can have a few in different colors for different looks.

Just a simple tube shape with ribbon straps. Tiny buttons up back. Fairly long-waisted at 17" from shoulder to waist. Excellent condition with just extreme minor pulling of muslin see photos. This dress has a bit of the pigeon front or "monobosom" that was so popular in the early 's If you don't like the pigeon front, you can always easily make some quick easy tucks and it will fit your bust in a more modern look.

Just please baste anything you might do Remember, we are just passing through time. This dress will outlive most of us if treated with respect!! Just 2 slight spots at the very hemline and one opening of the last in the back waist easy fix Cute little buttons at back to close. One of the Good Ones This was originally a c. So the lace is from , the design is s. The white slip under is a white rayon and could be newer than the 30s, so this gown has quite a unique history.

I only wish I knew the exact provenance. This gown is in near mint condition. There was one tiny repair found along the hemline see photo , though you'd never see it if I didn't show you. There are extremely minor lace legbreaks near the front yoke easily fixed with a few stitches. Has a so sweet little tiny white bow at front waist!!! As you can see, the white rayon slip is shorter than the gown, so you get to see the lace detail.

Certainly if you prefer the slip match the length of the gown, you can add some additional material under. I've never seen a more complete wedding outfit! And it's not like this is just a run-of-the-mill bride or gown.

Nope, this bride's genealogy can be quickly traced back to the Huguenots in France and specifically to the family of Pierre Fauconnier his family dating back to the 11th Century at least, and which is said to be "the most ancient and honorable in France.

Corrie Emma Lacy the child of Clark B. Lacy and Emma Sleeper was born in Buffalo on Dec. Smith graduated from the medical dept. Obviously the families were wealthy, as this gorgeous white beaded, golden brocaded 2-piece gown will attest.

The gown is in Excellent condition with just the most minor bead loss. The wax ornaments you see on the front bodice are separate, but were worn on the gown as per the bride's portrait. All the other accessories are included Fabulous for a wedding museum!!!

The only thing missing is the lacings for the back of the bodice obviously new lacings can be found. The size of the gown is tiny and short Shipping costs will be extra due to the large Framed Portrait.

Please look at the close-up photos of this dress I adore little crochet balls on Edwardian gowns They are ALL there. None missing that I can find. Now look at the back This is one of those Edwardian lawn dresses that doesn't need a waistband yeah! Look at the embroidery between the lace inserts.

And the great square neckline to be comfortable and to show off your pearls if you want. You will see there is a black velvet ribbon around the hemline. I'm guessing it's not original, but looks great, so you can decide whether to keep or not.

Excellent condition with just a very few very minor leg breaks in the lace. Please note this is an off-white and sheer These are so easy to make.

I say wedding gown only because that is what we would think today as it has a slight train, but it could just have been a fancy summer evening dress As it buttons up the back, it wasn't a "stay-at-home" gown Whatever event she bought it for I don't think she ever wore it!

This is SO pristine, still white It looks so tiny, but the netting has some stretch to it, so it will fit a small woman today LOVE the tiny ecru satin ribbon that edges the double flounce short sleeves and the scoop neckline. Add a matching ribbon at the empire waistline and perhaps a bow in the back I show on the dark dressform so you can see the detail If you wear a darker color under, you will see more of the lacy detail. This is one of those one-piece gowns that look like 2-pieces.

The trained bustle is attached to the bodice and the skirt is attached to the bodice as well. This one COULD be easily turned into 2 pieces as the train could be attached to the back of the skirt The skirt back is stiff netting The sleeves are slightly puffed, the neckline is square and trimmed in large faux pearls. The front is corseted and there is a faux pearl trim around the waist. Ruffled hemline inside and out.

There is a bit of extra material with the gown if you need it! It can be used to cover the few stains with appliques see photos. Many of the pearls are missing. The cord is missing for the corset front. One cuff has no design the other has remnants to see what was there. Ever wonder what the wealthy girls wore in the s when I was just coming of age, and would have killed for something this beautiful! Instead, I dressed in hand-me-downs from our cousins though I gotta say that I enjoyed used clothing even then!

White lace was very popular in the mid-to-late s, and this is the ultimate! The lace is very heavy floral design like a very heavy and large Irish Crochet. There is a white lining under so not to worry about the open lacework. The wide waist, nehru collar, buttons and front pieces are a heavyweight white faille. Front white metal zipper allows for the back of the dress to be as beautiful as the front If the Downton Abbey gals were getting married in rather than , this would likely be the gown they would have chosen!

Please look at the close up photos to see the detailing. I show it over a black slip so you can see the detail easier, and also show with just a white half slip so you can see how it will look with a nude or white slip under. You would also find pink or light blue under from that era. Irish Crochet gowns are highly prized and rare to find in near pristine condition, ready to wear, and in a large enough and tall enough size for a modern human.

There are hanging crochet balls at the neckline, at the cuffs and here and there throughout the gown. Crochet buttons up the back. Irish Crochet gowns are mesmerizing in person with all the detail. There is slight stretch in the lace, but basically will fit: Up to 35" bust, up to 29" waist, up to 42" hips, 65" long from shoulder to hem in front and back.

If that is too long for you, it will pool as you see in the photos nice! This mannequin is a 32" bust, 24" waist, 35" hips, and it looks great on her as well. For those of you who are planning your s WWII themed wedding and I know this is quite popular, especially when you get to see your soon-to-be husband wearing those incredibly sexy uniform whites You'll fall in love with him all over again as you walk down the aisle!

This gown is the perfect simple choice. However, I have to say that it's not in perfect condition. There is an underarm stain under one arm see photo and marks on the skirt train see photo and hardly seen but there all-over satin bruises see photos for some examples.

Side snaps need a bit of work, but this is a strong, wearable gown for a price that will allow you to spend your money on more important things! Like your first house!! The bodice is gathered with slightly puffy sleeves, "v" neckline and the skirt has a finger loop under to hold up or hook up the train for the reception. Don't dress without a bridesmaid!

As it's one of those side snap dresses, it's hard to wiggle in and out of, so you may need a friend to help!! I figure this was one of the very fancy, elaborate graduation gowns from the Gibson Girl era. But this was owned by one of the very wealthy gals, as it came from an estate with some of the most gorgeous Paris Victorian and Gibson era bodices soon to go up!

Sadly, unless you are tiny, it won't fit you. But Excellent condition and would be wearable if! As the bust is a full pigeon front it's impossible to measure, so go by the waist size. Top Cleo GF Cleo Sexy Girls Best Free Hardcore Ah Me Porn All Free Hardcore Top Xxx Hardcore All Xxx Porno Lion Porn Pictures Xxx Real Porno I Lust Full Porn Pics 7 Touch My Melons We do not own, produce or host the galleries displayed on this website.

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