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But you can also go for brogues, monk straps, chelsea boots, and plenty more options! Whether you start with replacing your graphic tees, getting nicer shoes or decorating your wrists.

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seebot.ga is a men’s fashion blog about how to dress well. We’re transparent, independent, passionate community and we’re crazy enough to .
Casual Outfits Ideas For Black Men – Black men are one of the most stylish, sophisticated and sexy men out there. This is why maintaining their look, even when dressing casual, is extremely important to them.
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Men’s Guide To Dress Semi Formal. Men’s Semi Formal is the most confusing of all the dress codes. The term is in itself an oxymoron and therefore it is no surprise that people are often left bemused when it comes to dress semi formal.

Rightly accessorized with glasses and earring which makes this look quite casual and perfect street material at the same time. Business Trip Travelling Style. A black suit is must for any guy. Whether you are going on a job,business trip, or a black tie event it is surely a must have item in your wardrobe. You can make a formal look with it by wearing it with formal shoes and tie.

Or you in your off time can have a semi formal look with it by simply wearing pants with some loafers and no tie. A round necked grey shirt underneath the coat is a good option for going casual. You can wear brown Oxfords with the black suit for an edgy look. This look is surely going to make you standout at the wedding reception of your friend. So if you are invited as guest on wedding and you are not sure what to wear for it.

You can get a perfect idea from this pic as how to dress up for that moment. A light blue stripped suit with a starched white shirt and a dark blue tie as a contrast will be fitting. Only black shoes can complete the whole ensemble. If you prefer a little swag go for a ring or studs. There are many ready made branded suits available in market which comes in very good fitting as of your body type.

But I would recommend to get the suit made yourself as per your exact body measurements and you will notice the result yourself. Again do remember that with different colors opt for black shoes and a contrasting tie in darker color. As with this suit black tie will look best.

A blue suit with a brown combo in shoes and a tie is good if you have been invited to a bachelors party. African Men Smartly Dressed Up. Try to wear something different too. See how sexy this man look by wearing a unique color dressing combination.

Rightly accessorized the outfit which is complementing the complete look. So make sure when you wearing some accessories it must go with the clothes you are wearing at that moment.

You cant have those big chains and dracula necklaces with formal clothing. A classic, timeless color combination and a very traditional three piece suit. It will be ranked at the top if you want to categorize suits for going to a meeting. Grey is the color of professionals period. If you work in the corporate sector do invest in classic three piece suits. Black combination will be best with the grey color.

AS light grey is the color for meetings so is this charcoal grey suit. Any decent man will be having this color in his wardrobe. Pair it with a lighter grey shirt and tie but again with shiny black Oxfords.

This is also good for going to an evening dinner party. Same goes for any dress. You must have a branded suit in your wardrobe rather than carrying ten other slouchy suits. You can also get that brand cloth and get that made from some good tailor as per your body fitting. This brown coat and black pant combo is perfect for a semi formal party or as a new year eve dress code or just going for a date. Stripped fashion is good for any season if that is your choice and this brown grey shade is a summer suit best suited for countries with lots of sunshine.

A cool and light combo with a crisp white shirt and a darker tie and shoes. A briefcase is also a good option if you are a lawyer. Weekends always call for parties and dates and birthday bashes so this slim fit suit is perfect for such events. A content writer by the day and a reader by the night — two things that she loves the most. I really do not. Stop, I really hate the look of clip on suspenders as button bracers look so much better.

The Red blazer is a little too peacock for me however, if you have multiple blazer I guess it would not be a bad option. So it begs the question: Follow this guide to make sure that you flatter your figure and keep up to date with the latest trends:.

Like the female counterpart, pears are slightly larger around the middle with a slim top and legs. Great for cuddles and with junk in their trunk, pears often try to hide their shape with overly-baggy clothing. Sharply contrasting tops and bottoms as this will break up your appearance and place an emphasis on your not so well kept areas.

A slim waistline and broad shoulders are the defining characteristics of the tasty male Nacho. Whilst well fitted tops will compliment your broad shape, skinny jeans can make you look a little too top heavy. Nacho body types should go for a and shorts that rest above the knee. Wearing contrasting colours on your bottom half will draw the eye away from your broad upper body, and give you a more rounded appearance.

Round and a little bit chubby all over, Tomatoes are a popular shape amongst men of the UK. Like their fellow fruity friend, Pears, Tomatoes are often tempted to drown their body in baggy clothing and ill-fitted designs. Turtle-necked tops and clothing that is overly bulky on your top half e.

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