20 Long Sleeve Crop Tops That Let You Show a Little Skin During Fall

These long sleeve beauties are gonna make your whole outfit, with detailing such as zips, lace and tie waists, they’re anything but basic. Rock a bardot long sleeve crop top with high waisted skinny jeans, or pair a turtle neck number with a fitted midi skirt to score some serious style points.

Could be strapless but has a detachable strap in case you want to wear it!

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You might associate crop tops with warm weather, but that’s the fun of wearing one when it’s cooler—it’s totally unexpected, and very sexy. Throw on one of these long sleeve ones under a.
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Nope, not on your watch. Vintage 's gauzy indian cotton long sleeve crop top. Black Long Sleeve Crop Top. Long Sleeve Holographic Crop. Solid Velvet Long Sleeve Crop.

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